2016/05/05 21:01:08.437 GMT+2

Last opportunity to qualify for Rio 2016

From May the 6th to the 8th the 2nd Olympic Games World Qualifying Tournament 2016 will take place in Istanbul. This will be the last chance for the wrestlers to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and, as in the previous OG Qualifying Tournaments, only the first two will get a place in the Games.


On Friday, after the medical examination and the weigh-in, we will know who Maider's oponents will be for the Saturday fights. The tournament will start at 8 AM GMT and will take place in the Bağcılar Sports Complex in Istanbul.

As in the previous tournaments the competition will be broadcasted live by the International Federation: 2nd OG World Qualifying Tournament 2016.

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2016/05/03 23:38:44.499 GMT+2

Last chance awaits in Turkey

Maider has not been able to achieve her objective in the 1st OG World Qualifying Tournament in Mongolia from April the 22nd to the 24th. Ekaterina Bukina from Russia won her in first round (2-10) and she was left out of the repechage when the Russian lost her fight in semi-finals.

Maider Unda - Ekaterina Bukina

Maider Unda - Ekaterina Bukina

Now there is just one last chance to get the ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and it will be the 2nd OG World Qualifying Tournament in Turkey from May the 6th to the 8th, where the two remaining places for Brazil will have to be won.

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2016/04/18 23:57:34.644 GMT+2

5th position in the European OG Qualifying

Maider has finished in 5th position her participation last weekend in the European Olympic Games Qualifying.

In quarter finals Yasemin Adar from Turkey, current European champion and winner of the Olympic Games Qualifying in Serbia, gave her no chances (10-0). With no qualifying options Maider fought for the bronze with the French Cynthia Vescan, who left Maider out of the podium (1-3) in a predominantly defensive fight.

European OG Qualifying Tournament: Maider Unda - Cynthia Vescan 3

Maider Unda - Cynthia Vescan

With no time to rest she will travel to Mongolia where next weekend the 1st OG World Qualifying Tournament will take place. From April 22nd to the 24th Maider will have another chance to get qualified in Ulan Bator. Once again only the first two will get the ticket to Rio 2016.

We will be able to follow the tournament in: 1st OG World Qualifying Tournament 2016.

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2016/04/14 21:40:55.212 GMT+2

Maider in the European Olympic Games Qualifying in Serbia

Maider will take part in the European Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament that will be held in Zrenjanin (Serbia) from April the 15th to the 17th. She will compete on Sunday and needs to reach the final to get a ticket for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. We will be able to watch the competition from the International Federation's web: European OG Qualifying Tournament 2016.

Zrenjanin Eurolimpic

The wrestlers trying to get a place in the Olympic Games will be facing a very demanding schedule that will make them travel from Serbia to Mongolia to the first World Olympic Games Qualifying tournament next week, and two weeks later to the second World Olympic Games Qualifying tournament in Turkey for their last chance to qualify for Rio 2016.

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2016/02/07 12:24:41.589 GMT+1

5th position in Paris

Maider obtained the 5th position in the 3rd Paris International Tournament that took place last weekend, organized by the French Wrestling Federation.

She started the competition winning Jaramit Leonor Weffer from Venezuela (7-9) in an exciting quarter-finals fight which was decided at the very last moment. In semi-finals she could not beat the local Cynthia Vanessa Vescan (2-8) so she had to fight for the bronze. But Andrea Carolina Olaya from Colombia left Maider out of the podium (6-4) in a very tight fight.

Paris Tournament   United World Wrestling

Image from the fight for bronze

Now is time to continue with the year's planning and to prepare the next international event that will take place mid February in the "XLVI. MEDVED International Grand Prix" in Belarus.

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2016/01/30 18:57:02.309 GMT+1

Paris International Tournament

This weekend Maider will take part in 3rd Paris International Tournament. About 300 athletes from 20 countries will compete on January 30th and 31st in the INSEP sportscenter, organized by the French Wrestling Federation.


After the weight-in and the medical checks on Saturday, Maider will compete on Sunday on her first international competition of the year. The tournament will be broadcasted life by the International Wrestling Federation: Paris Tournament 2016.

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2016/01/08 00:02:47.562 GMT+1

BAT To Rio 2016 TV show

We can see the interview to Maider in the TV show "BAT to Rio 2016", jointly produced by Basqueteam and Euskal Telebista which reflects the effort of the Basque athletes with aspirations to be in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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2016/01/07 21:27:48.308 GMT+1

XXII Gala of the Sport in Araba

Maider has been awarded as outstanding athlete of the year in the XXII Gala of the Sport in Araba that took place last December the 11th in the Palacio Europa in Vitoria.

During the ceremony, organized by the Sports Press Association of Araba, the Vitoria City Council and the Diputación Foral de Álava, Maider was awarded for the bronze medal she won in the European Games and her 15th Spanish Championship. Awards were also given to Pablo Laso, Mikel Landa, Iker y Eneko Pou, Eli Pinedo, Patri Elorza, Iker Larrañaga, Sergio de la Fuente, Marta Tudanca, Martín Fiz, Manuel Pereira and Iker Romero.

Iker Romero, in the year of his retirement, was awarded with the gold badge of the Sports Press Association in recognition of his sport career.  


Gala of the Sport in Araba 2015

Julio Roca, Iñaki Iriarte, Marga Armas, Gaztedi Rugby Taldea and Loli Muñoz were also awarded.

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2015/12/01 23:25:25.014 GMT+1

Bronze medal in the final of the Golden Grand Prix

Maider's season ends in the best way by winning the bronze medal in the final of the Golden Grand Prix which was held in Baku.

Podium 1

She started the competition wining her fight 3-2 to Badrakh Odonchime from Mongolia. In quarter finals she could not beat who finally became the winner of the competition, Mae Epp (0-5) from Estonia. Maider took advantage of the repechage to reach the third position of the epodium.

She first eliminated Andrea Olaya from Colombia in a very tight fight (3-3) to then easily win Guzel Manyurova (0-9) from Kazajstan in the fight for the bronze.

Now is time for planning the next season with the preolympic tournaments in sight.

Image gallery of the competition:

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2015/11/28 13:37:09.628 GMT+1

Maider in the final of the 2015 Golden Grand Prix

Maider travelled to Azerbaijan to take part in the final of the 2015 Golden Grand Prix. Best wrestlers of the world will gather there as the medalists of the World Championship and the continental tournaments have been invited. Maider will participate after her bronze medal in the European Games.

Final Golden Grand Prix - Baku2015

Once the medical tests and the weight controls are completed Maider will compete on Saturday in the Baku Sports Hall. The competition will be broadcasted live in:


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