2016/04/18 23:57:34.644 GMT+2

5th position in the European OG Qualifying

Maider has finished in 5th position her participation last weekend in the European Olympic Games Qualifying.

In quarter finals Yasemin Adar from Turkey, current European champion and winner of the Olympic Games Qualifying in Serbia, gave her no chances (10-0). With no qualifying options Maider fought for the bronze with the French Cynthia Vescan, who left Maider out of the podium (1-3) in a predominantly defensive fight.

European OG Qualifying Tournament: Maider Unda - Cynthia Vescan 3

Maider Unda - Cynthia Vescan

With no time to rest she will travel to Mongolia where next weekend the 1st OG World Qualifying Tournament will take place. From April 22nd to the 24th Maider will have another chance to get qualified in Ulan Bator. Once again only the first two will get the ticket to Rio 2016.

We will be able to follow the tournament in: 1st OG World Qualifying Tournament 2016.

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