Maider was born in Vitoria on July the 2nd, 1977, and nowadays she lives in Olaeta, a neighborhood that belongs to Aramaiona.

She is 1.77 meters (5'10") tall and she competes in the Olympic category of 72 kgs.

Even if she is a graduate in electronics, she works as shepherdess and produces the "Artzai Gazta" cheese, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Idiazabal cheese.

Her wrestling career started in Otxandio when she was just 9 years old. At that time, her first steps were taken in the modality called Sambo, but due to the lack of opportunities Sambo offered her, she started with the free style wrestling.

Such a long career has given her the opportunity to taste the sweetness and the bitterness of sport practice. She has not only enjoyed the glory of the victory but also the dark side of injuries. In 2001, while she was wrestling in Poland, she got her cheekbone broken. In 2003 she had to leave wrestling for six months because she broke her meniscus and the anterior cruciate ligament. In 2004 she lost the whole season because of a knee bursitis.

At present, she trains in Vitoria and belongs to the "Escuela Alavesa" club. Her trainer is Luis Crespo since year 2000.

She is part of the Spanish National Wrestling Team since 1998. She has taken part in several European and World championships. Worth to mention is her bronze medal in the 2001 Mediterranean Games, and her 5th position in the 2007 World Championships in Baku, which qualified her for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

She won bronze medals in the World Championship in Herning (Denmark) in 2009, in the European Championships in Baku (Azerbaiyan) in 2010 and Belgrade (Serbia) in 2012.

But it was the bronze medal she won in the Olympic Games in London in 2012 the one that had the biggest impact, as it was the first one for Spain in wrestling.

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