2012/04/22 19:53:30.950 GMT+2

Bronze in the Preolympic in Sofia

In despite of her third position in the podium, Maider has not got the qualification for the Games.
The day started well with a win over the French Cinthya Vanessa Vescan (0-1, 0-1). In quarter finals and against the Swedish Jenny Franson, who finally won the tournament, Maider saw how her options to qualify for the Olympic Games were gone (1-0, 1-0).

In the repechage, she won first Kristine Odrina-Urbota from Lithuania (0-1, 0-3) to then win Dina Ivanona from Azerbaijan (1-0, 1-0) for the bronze medal.

Next week she will have another chance in the World Preolympic Tournament in Taiyuan, China.

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