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Bronze medal in the final of the Golden Grand Prix

Maider's season ends in the best way by winning the bronze medal in the final of the Golden Grand Prix which was held in Baku.

Podium 1

She started the competition wining her fight 3-2 to Badrakh Odonchime from Mongolia. In quarter finals she could not beat who finally became the winner of the competition, Mae Epp (0-5) from Estonia. Maider took advantage of the repechage to reach the third position of the epodium.

She first eliminated Andrea Olaya from Colombia in a very tight fight (3-3) to then easily win Guzel Manyurova (0-9) from Kazajstan in the fight for the bronze.

Now is time for planning the next season with the preolympic tournaments in sight.

Image gallery of the competition:

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