2015/09/12 14:08:16.449 GMT+2

Maider eliminated in round of sixteen

Maider could not win Yasemin Adar from Turkey in round of sixteen in the World Chamionship in Las Vegas. Since the Turkish did not reach the final, there was no repechage for Maider.


The first chance to get qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is gone now. However, Maider will have three more chances to get qualified next year:

- April 15-17: European Preolympic Tournament (Zrenjanin, Serbia)

- April 22-24: First “Last-Chance” qualifying tournament (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)

- May 6-8: Second “Last-Chance” qualifying tournament (Istanbul, Turkey)

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2015/09/10 11:10:29.930 GMT+2

2015 World Championship

After the medical checks and the draw that took place yesterday, Maider will fight with Yasemin Adar from Turkey in round of sixteen.

A total of 24 wrestlers will compete to become World Champion starting at 7 PM CEST. We will be able to watch the fights live in the International Federation's Website.

Pairing-up table

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2015/09/04 00:32:16.679 GMT+2

World Championship in Las Vegas

Since August the 24th Maider is completing her preparation for the 2015 World Championship in Las Vegas.

The World Championship will take place from the 7th to the 12th of September in the Orleans Hotel & Arena of the city of Las Vegas and Maider will compete on the 10th. Wrestlers from over one hundred countries will fight to get qualified for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Only the top five will get qualified.

Olympic Freestyle Team - Las Vegas 2015 World Championship

The Olympic Freestyle Team during a training session in Las Vegas

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2015/07/16 00:27:38.461 GMT+2

Bronze in the XV Grand Prix of Spain

Maider has completed her participation in the XV Grand Prix of Spain winning the bronze medal.


She started the competition in round of 16 winning Noelia Lalín from Spain (1-6). Then, in quarter-finals, she also won Zhang Fengliu from China and got qualified for semi-finals. But Guzel Manyrova from Kazakhstan did not give any chances to Maider so she had to settle for the bronze. In order to get it she won Victoria Francis from the USA in the last fight of the repechage by a tight 2-3 in a very hard fight.
She will stay a week in Madrid sharing training sessions with the wrestlers that took part in the tournament.
These are some images of the Grand Prix:


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2015/07/11 11:23:18.800 GMT+2

XV Grand Prix of Spain

Today Saturday July the 11th the XV Grand Prix of Spain will take place in the outer Sports Hall of the National Sports Council in Madrid. The tournament will start at 9 AM and 400 wrestlers from 41 countries will fight for the medals during the whole day.


Maider will start competing with the Spanish Noelia Lalín in round of 16.
The competition results will be available in the Spanish Wrestling Federation's website and we will be able to see the fights live on Internet in the sports platform GRADA1.

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2015/06/17 23:56:30.018 GMT+2

Bronze medal in the European Games

Maider has won the Bronze medal in the first European Games in history that are taking place in Baku.

European Games Podium

Picture by Michael Steele/Getty Images

After the initial draw Maider did not have to fight in the first round, and she started the competition with a win fighting Zsanett Nemeth from Hungary (5-3). However, in semi-finals she could not win Vasilisa Marzaliuk from Belarus in a very tough and matched fight with a final result of 4-4, that left Maider out of the final due to the new scoring system. Later on, Maider won the fight for the bronze medal to Maria Selmaier from Germany (2-5).

These are some of the highlights of the competition:

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2015/06/13 00:57:55.987 GMT+2

Maider in the European Games

Maider has travelled today to Baku where she will take part in the first European Games of history. From June the 12th to the 28th, more than 6,200 athletes will compete in 20 different sport disciplines in the capital of Azerbaijan.

Baku 2015

Maider will fight on Tuesday June the 16th and as usual the weighing the day before will couple the fighters. With a longer term objective set in the World Championship in Las Vegas next September, this European Games will be a good test where Maider will be able to measure herself with her European oponents.

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2015/06/13 00:32:49.282 GMT+2

10th position in the German Grand Prix

The German Grand Prix was not as good as it would have been as Maider lost her fight in the first round with the local wrestler Kimberley Grieb.

When she was leading the fight 0-4, the German wrestler immobilized her with a "touche" and the fight was over. Later, the German wrestler was not able to reach the final so Maider's repechage chances were gone and she could only get the 10th position in the championship.

Now she will complete her preparation for the first European Games that will take place in Baku from June the 13th to the 18th, with the clear objective of the World Championship in Las Vegas next September.

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2015/05/24 22:03:11.845 GMT+2

Grand Prix of Germany

Maider will take part this weekend in the Grand Prix of Germany. The tournament will be held in the TSV Bayer Sportcenter in Dormagen. The competition will start on Saturday with the qualifying rounds and will end on Sunday with the finals and the fights for the medals.

Worth to mention the high level of the participants in the tournament, with fighters from the eastern European countries (Russia and Belarus) and from Canada.

2015 GP Dormagen

The results of the championship will be available here: Grand Prix of Germany.

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2015/04/20 00:24:21.351 GMT+2

Gold medal in the Mediterranean Championship

Last April the 18th Maider won the gold medal in the 5th Mediterranean Championship that took place in the Outer Pavilion of the National Sports Council in Madrid. During the competition, which was conducted in the nordic style, where all the wrestlers fight to each other, Maider could not be beaten by any of her oponents.

Noelia Lalin (ESP), Estefania Ramirez (ESP), Aysegul Ozbege (TUR) and Ekaterini Pitsiavak (GRE) had no chances given the high level Maider demonstrated.

2015 Mediterranean Games

Maider will now continue her preparation for the season with the German Grand Prix in Dormagen.

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