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Tribute from the Basque Wrestling Federation


On October the 16th, the Basque Wrestling Federation payed tribute to Maider.

During the homage party that took place in San Sebastián, the Basque Federation recognized the good work done and the achievements during the last years. Maider received a traditional basque "txapela" (winners hat) and a bunch of flowers from the Basque Federation's President Julen Idarreta, who also recognized and was grateful to coach Luis Crespo for the work he has also done. Luis received an "agintari-makila" (staff of command) as present.

Maider wanted to specially recognize the teamwork in a team made up of her coach and her training partners Nacho and Mikel who “give all without asking anything in reward”.



         Some collegues that wanted to take part in the homage

Apart from the Basque Federation representatives, members of different wrestling clubs joined the tribute party.

You can see pictures of the party here.


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