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Wrestling exhibition in Aramaiona

On Sunday December the 15th a wrestling exhibition was presented by Maider, Luis Crespo and Mikel Mardones in the Aramaiona sports center. As happened before, Yera Ortiz, Arrate Hojas, Ismael Zanbrano, Oroitz Bardon and Haritza Larrinaga, from the Munoa wrestling club of Barakaldo, helped during the exhibition. The event started with a warm-up session followed by some samples of fight techniques. To end up, several fights that surprised and delighted the attendance.    



     The exhibition.

 Click to see part of the exhibition in a ETB-1 sports show.


At the end of the show, Aramaiona unexpectedly homaged Maider. After a traditional "bertso" and "aurresku", she was given a branch of flowers and a commemorative "txapela".




                             Images of the homage.

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